Product code: 28716

NEW GENARATION Patented Seat-box, Frame within a Frame Mechanism for LOW LEG sofas and chairs

Dual motors allow for independent control of footrest, seat & back functions

Slimmest low leg hinge in the market enables you to build furniture with lower seat height, or provide more comfort with additional foam.

Interchangeable frame can be designed for 28714, 28716, 28710 and 28712 mechanisms.

Patented inside seat frame installation

Longer footrest extension when compared to 2863 and competitor products*

Higher footrest opening when compared to 2863 and competitor products*

Deeper seat when compared to 2863 and competitor products*

Even more rear recline angle when compared to 2863 and competitor products*

Zero Wall movement (wall-away)

Fast Operation- Nine second cycle time with smooth operation.

Smooth operation throughout  infinite positioning – motor provides the ability to stop the mechanism in any recline position.

Long Life Celcon bushings for improved operation and prolonged life-cycle

Totally integrated linkage design – no wheels or tracks to create hang-ups

Integrated Linkage design also eliminates wear on wheel surfaces
thus eliminating unwanted bumps during normal life-cycles

Large mounting plate unobstructed by wheels and tracks, makes mounting into frames quick and easy

Only available in motorized version.

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