GFC (Global Furniture Components), UAB



GFC (Global Furniture Components), UAB warrants original buyer (furniture manufacturer) that furniture components (“products”) supplied by GFC are free of workmanship and material defects for two (2) years from date of shipment.

Standard warranty applies only to the original buyer, who integrates GFC products into finished furniture used exclusively for residential household purposes. Unless specified by separate contractual warranty agreement, standard warranty is void if products are used for manufacturing of commercial, medical, institutional or other non-residential furnishings. GFC accepts no liability for damages to consumer’s property caused by its products.

Any defective system is subject to the following limitations: a) GFC will replace defective products b) GFC will give original buyer credit for purchases of other products from GFC.

In the event option a) is executed, GFC will be responsible only to provide replacement products free of charge and original buyer shall be responsible for all transportation costs from GFC warehouse. In case of direct shipment from the factory in Asia or North America, replacement products may be added to next container of original buyer. GFC does not accept any responsibility for any other delivery costs including labor, applicable duties and taxes.

GFC remains the right to inspect any products before agreeing to any corrective action listed in this warranty. GFC may request the original buyer to ship defective products to GFC warehouse, or manufacturing facility in Asia, or North America, at GFC’s (or in certain cases customers) expense for analysis and assessment of product flaws. GFC may also request drawings, photos and other documents explaining the specifics of product flaws prior executing this warranty.

This warranty may become void if claims to products defects are the results of: a) damages after delivery b) damages resulting from improper installation of products into finished furniture c) damages due to lack of product service by the original buyer and its agents d) negligence and abuse by the final consumer.

Total GFC liability shall be limited by this warranty. If original buyer communicates a different warranty to its customer, GFC will have no responsibility for portion of warranty that differs from GFC’s warranty.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Select GFC products are marked with a barcode label featuring encoded serial number and customer information. Such product warranty is void if this label is removed.

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