Manual "Low Leg - Zero Wall" recliner mechanism print

Product code: 2862

Frame within a Frame Mechanism for “Low Leg” sofas and chairs

• Zero Proximity

• Long–Life Celcon bushings – for improved operation and prolonged life-cycle

• Patented ball bearing rivet technology – for smooth operation throughout three balance positions, Closed,TV, and Full Recline

• Totally integrated linkage design – no wheels or tracks to create “hang-ups”

• Integrated Linkage design – eliminates wear on wheel surfaces
thus eliminating unwanted “bumps” during normal life-cycles

• Improved rear recline – for maximum full-recline of 125 degrees

• Large mounting plate – unobstructed by wheels and tracks,
makes mounting into frames quick and easy

• Fully integrated locking – both sides are synchronous, insures secure closing

• Cable release and Inside Handle release available