Product code: PROMOVE4


The four-engined alternative combines all excellences of the PriMove-production and offers the user a maximum of individual possibilities of adjustment, unique comfort and elegant design.

We abstain completely from metal fittings. A very low system height and the continuous 64 mm bolt grid leave enough scope for an individual arrangement of applications. Further- more it allows the acceptance of all current spring elements.

The back and foot part contains altogether 7 ranges, which can be adjusted almost soundlessly and stagelessly via two high-performance motors.

Furthermore an integrated support of the lordosis leads to a noticeable relief of the spine.

The foot area is levitating and equipped with an integrated buffer, which also serves as a protection of overcharge.

A mechanically emergency lowering is standard.

Areas of use

  • Adjustable springs (flat) with spring bars or dissolved surface (disk))
  • Adjustable Continental bed systems
  • Adjustable beds with bed base function and with lateral bed base opening


  • Radio remote controls
  • Mains release function
  • Maxi-set for extra wide versions

Special advantages

OCTO radio remote controls are equipped with a night light function. The night light is located in the receiver and can be conveniently switched on and off by the radio hand transmitter.