Motorized heavy duty "zero wall" recliner mechanism print

Product code: 168

Motorized traditional “Zero Wall” recliner mechanism for sofas and chairs    

168 “Heavy Duty Series” tested up to 200 kg load.    

• Zero Proximity – mechanism can operate within 5 cm of the wall (with most furniture backs)

• Fast Operation – seven second cycle time with smooth operation.

• Superior position balance – motor allows for infinite positioning to create custom comfort

• Ottoman Extension – the most ottoman extension on the market today provides the most comfort in TV and full recline positions

• Articulated sub-ottoman designs to attractively fill the void between the ottoman board and the seat if needed or desired

• Move-away ottoman design – the ottoman moves downward as it moves out of the frame to prevent the ottoman from rubbing on cushions (especially T cushions)

• Direct Drive and double locking – ensures easy and secure closing and prevents ottoman sagging when in TV or full recline positions

• Celcon Bushings and Washers – ensure years of smooth, trouble-free use

• Activator Flexibility – available with wired and wireless control options