Manual Glider recliner mechanism with or without swivel & ringbase print

Product code: 651-671

Features and Benefits 

Adjustable Ottoman Strength – Different spring tensions are available to suit any application.

Elevated Mid Ottoman – Provides extra comfort in recline position.

Double Lock – Locking both sides of the mechanism simultaneously ensures secure closing.

Optional Articulated or Bolt-on Sub Ottoman – Designed to safely and attractively fill the gap between the ottoman and the seat when unit is open.

Swivel & Ring Base (Optional)

Three-Position Balance – Mechanism offers three positions (closed, TV & full recline). Transition between

TV and full recline positions is smooth and continuous.

Frame Interchangeability
The structures featuring 651 glider mechanisms can also accommodate certain other zero wall and rocker
mechanisms models without any changes to the frame.

Outside Handle
Cable Release
Inside Handle Release

K-D Bracket system complete with anti-release safety clip, allows for easy back removal.