PU (Polyurethane coated leather) CARE KIT print

Product code: PF03897

PU (Polyurethane coated surface) CARE KIT

PU is also known as “bi-cast leather” and “split hide leather”.

This kit contains 2 products especially designed for the cleaning and the care of the upholstery in synthetic leather, imitation leather and PU.

Synthetic leather, imitation leather and PU are resistant but at the same time difficult to clean. It is important to use products that are not too aggressive to prevent them from deteriorating.

PU Cleaner combines good effectiveness with a delicate action that respects the characteristics of synthetic leather. It removes the common dirt, water-based stains and mold traces. Do not use on real leather and nubuck. PU Maintenance Cream is a water-based product designed to protect and revitalize PU leather. Do not use on real leather and nubuck.

KIT PF03897 MIDI: 150 ml PU Cleaner, 150 ml PU Maintenance Cream, 1 Sponge, 2 Soft Cloths