Raffel launches Tranquil Charge patented technology print


Raffel Systems provides power recline switches, heat/massage/air bladder systems, multifunctional cup holders with lights and controls, USB charging and Bluetooth that runs on Raffel’s own app.


Raffel’s “Tranquil Charge” USB port doesn’t drain electrical power when not in use.

Raffel CEO John Dudash sees motion technology not necessarily changing, but rather broadening in its applications.

“In general, the consumer’s focusing on a more convenient, user-friendly environment with all their products with an emphasis on less wiring. I term it ‘wireless everything,’” Dudash said. “The consumer will want furniture to function without cables attached to it.

“It’s less about new functionality. You’ll see more in the way of styling and more in the way of ‘situational’ type furniture. You’re seeing current technology moving into other categories. A few years ago, people started putting power function into say lamps. As we became more technology dependent, the more those devices became part of our lifestyle, you saw power outlets going into furniture, tables.”

Energy efficiency is a focus at Raffel.

“We have a patented technology, Tranquil Charge, which is a USB port that doesn’t suck battery power,” Dudash noted. “It only draws power when something’s plugged into the USB port. That saves energy and increases battery life.”