August 15, 2017



Siauliai, Lithuania – GFC (Global Furniture Components), UAB, a specialist supplier of various components for manufacturing of upholstery furniture, today announced the addition of “Officeo” as Sales Agency and Anna Kowalewska as Market Development Manager for Poland.

“Anna and her agency Officeo is key addition to our team in our efforts to grow in the Polish market. Anna has extensive knowledge of metal products because of her background in selling machinery and that ties in nicely with some of our core product lines. We are excited to start our cooperation.” said Leonas Kontvainis, GFC’s Managing Partner.

Ms. Kowalewska comes from a very diverse background. She grew up in Germany speaking both German and Polish languages simultaneously and moved back to Warsaw in 2010. She is also fluent in English.

In 2015 after birth of her daughter, Anna established “Officeo” – Sales Agency serving office furniture manufacturers and retailers in Poland. Now she is looking to expand her sales reach into other segments of the furniture industry.

In her capacity, Anna will be responsible for all aspects of GFC market development activity in Poland.



If you are a Polish furniture manufacturer interested in GFC product lines, please contact:

Anna Kowalewska

ul. Chroscickiego 93/105

02-414 Warszawa

Tel.: +48 22 354 66 34

Fax.: +48 22 354 66 57


Kom: +48 665 441 385