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Product code: ADXFBS01

High Fidelity Audio

ADX’s proprietary Surround AudioBar is design specifically to fit into today’s lifestyle furniture products. The soundbar design comes complete with the speaker assembly, electronics, power supply unit and all the features one could ask for in a personal entertainment furniture.

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The ADX AudioBar is designed to easily fit and install into beds, chairs, consoles and sofas. It comes complete with a soundbar, a power supply unit, electronic amplifier and enclosures to make assembly easy and simple. The entire system is professionally tuned by ADX’s audio experts with over 100 years of audio industry experience and over two million units of products sold in the last three years. AudioBar’s elegant design with modern features will fill any room with ear-soothing audio while delivering technology features for today’s digital lifestyle. With the convenience of Bluetooth connection and the comfort of a reclining sofa, ADX AudioBar is the perfect companion of form and comfort while delivering audio sound that’s unmatched in the industry.

About ADX

Audio Design Experts, Inc., ADX, has a history of designing high fidelity and high performance audio solutions for everyday lifestyle applications. Throughout its history, ADX has distinguished itself by providing the best-in-class audio products with awesome sound and easy to use. The Surround AudioBar is just the latest in a long line of innovative products. It can be used in many different applications; some people enjoy using it as a personal entertainment center, others use it for gaming, movies, televisions and etc. The stylish design is easily incorporated into furniture pieces, such as a chair, chair console and sofas. Whether you’re an audiophile or an interior designer, you’re sure to love ADX’s latest product – and you can expect more of the same from this world-class team of audio engineers.


• Proprietary ADX TrilliumTM technology for high fidelity surround audio performance
• Dual Bluetooth connection with aptX® audio processing
• USB battery charging for phones and tablets
• Unique 3-speaker audio output
• Sub-out connection to increased woofer effects