May 25, 2019

Cologne, Germany – GFC (Global Furniture Components), UAB, a specialist supplier of various components for manufacturing of upholstery furniture is back to business as usual after showcasing at the 2019 Interzum Cologne exhibition. This marks the second time in a row that GFC participated at the worlds biggest components fair.  

Company exhibited its core product lines in Germany which include various recliner mechanisms, sleeper mechanisms, adjustable headrest mechanisms, multifunctional hinges, heat and massage systems, USB charging ports, home cinema accessories, power cupholders, linear actuators, wired & wireless controls and other industry-specific products. Many of the functions and components are designed internally by GFC in Europe and then OEM manufactured in Asia according to company specifications.

“Interzum Koln is like the European Football Championship if you wish, because it only happens once every two years and all the best players are here”, Mr. Kontvainis said when asked about the outing. “We had a really solid showing with a great booth and wide product range. We have a ton of follow up to do and we need to start looking ahead to the next two years. Interzum is really a milestone in the components business”.

Mrs. Neringa Rutkauskiene, General Manager, added:” It was especially important for us to be here (Interzum) to reassure our existing customer base that we are committed to growing and will stand shoulder to shoulder with best industry suppliers on a global stage. Our product portfolio is diverse, innovative and affordable and so we are an attractive supplier to most furniture manufacturers. We can develop custom products and we are capable of supplying customers of any size”.

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